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More SCP dev comments on github issues would encourage outside contribution.

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--- Quote from: Asteroth on June 20, 2021, 08:47:59 pm ---I think you have very reasonable concerns, but I'm not sure I can say much other than that this "worst case scenario" (literally no one says anything until you've PR'd it and the PR gets shut down) is pretty rare, and possibly colored by a particular experience?
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Just to be clear I don't exactly expect that worst case scenario to be a significant danger, and I don't think the current situation is notably hostile or off-putting to contributions(or bug reports!), but I do think what I'm suggesting would make it more welcoming to them. Not a critical problem, but a thing that can be improved.

I guess my big thing is that to me silence isn't acceptance, it's indifference, and indifference doesn't really encourage action.

What ETP suggests is what my company's policy is on our various systems, be it helpdesk, software bug reports, or any of our other niche ticketing systems. Even if you can't solve the problem yet or haven't had time, people are expected to respond to tickets within two days. That's expected even if the response is "I've seen this and just have not had time to work on it yet". It's good policy and the only reason not to do it is because you don't feel like it.

Ticketing systems are inherently faceless and cold. For those of us not on Discord, it's impossible to know if our issues are even being discussed. If there's nothing on the github for months, then it's reasonable to expect the ticket to get buried and unresolved. For example, go look at the old SCP Mantis. When I copied over a lot of those tickets to github some were resolved that same week because suddenly there were eyes on them again.

Well you'll certainly get no argument from me that we're not as organized as a professional company! And as I said, a lot of the times it would be "I've seen this and have no idea how to fix it". While it sounds sillier, I'm not saying its a bad idea, even though I think for most people the intuitional response is to simply to stay quiet and let someone else who does have knowledge on the subject speak.


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