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I don't remember when the last time I was very active here (maybe 2012?), but since 2016 I've picked up historical fencing (HEMA) and modern fencing. There was an intermural tournament hosted by another club in our area last Sunday and I went over and did a couple of things.

Here's a highlight of what I did:

Scourge of Ages:
Neat! And congratulations, that looks like a ton of fun

Brought a smile to my face watching that!

I'm always surprised how agile and fast fencing is as a sport. As in, yes, I know it's about agility and speed, but often these things happen so fast I haven't fully realized what happened yet, especially modern fencing.

Oh yeah, totally!

Yeah, fencing is incredibly fast and that makes judging without lights very difficult. In fact, HEMA judging is notorious for being a bit amateurish, but a subset of the community is trying a few things to make that better.


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