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--- Quote from: Lobo on September 18, 2008, 10:11:27 am ---Will there actually be new interviews?
--- End quote ---
I hope so. :)  I unhid the forum to see if there'd be any interest in revitalizing it, just like some other projects have been revitalized recently.

aww crap more stuff for me to necro

Colonol Dekker:
Someone, maybe an Admin should make a poll of likely candidates and let the publc decide who gets interviewed.....

Someone, maybe an ambitious forum member, should offer to hold an interview...

I'd offer, but I'm busy enough as it is. The only free day I've got is Sunday, which I don't really desire to fill up with hunting someone down to interview, writing out a bunch of questions to ask, ask them, and them, then put it on HLP. Now if that was reversed and I was the one getting interviewed, I wouldn't mind nearly as much, as I wouldn't be doing half the work. :D


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