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Stormkeeper interviews the head of TAP, Pecenipicek!

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Stormkeeper: So. Pecenipicek. I'm really curious 'bout this. Why's your title roast chicken?

Pecenipicek: Because pečeni picek in croatian means exactly that.

Stormkeeper: ... Its that simple ?

Pecenipicek: Its a relic from my... younger years.

Stormkeeper: Oh? In what way?

Pecenipicek says:
i have been using that nickname since i first got internet some 4 years ago.

Stormkeeper: So, when did you first pick up FS2?

Pecenipicek: 1999.

Stormkeeper: When it first released?

Pecenipicek: Pretty much. Went with my father to get myself a present for birthday and we saw that, so i sad could we take, so we did. Been playing it on and off for a long time. The most I didn’t play it was a year, and that was due to the lack of a suitable PC to play even retail FS2. It was from 1999 to mid 2000 sooo :p

Stormkeeper: Wow. That sucks. And when did you make the transition to FSO ?

Pecenipicek: 4 years ago when I got a PC strong enough to run FSO. Sometime mid- may 2004. Pardon, mid - May 2005.

Stormkeeper: 3 years ago ... That's not very long ago. I started somewhere around there.

Pecenipicek: I joined HLP on 11th November 2004.

Stormkeeper: Mmm. Did you lurk before that?

Pecenipicek: Possibly. It’s been long. I was 14 back then.

Stormkeeper: So what or when did you decide to take up TAP, and why?

Pecenipicek: I joined TAP sometime in near the end of 2006 if i remember correctly to work for the team as a modeller. Things were progressing quite slowly back then and Grug was the then acting leader of the team. Sometime during 2007 everyone simply forgot about it. When Goober put the TAP boards to the archived forums subsection of HLP I stepped in and asked for the leadership to be transferred to me, That was mid-December 2007. From the tap team pre-December 2007, the only active persons left were PyroMX and I. I asked for all the members till then to be removed from the team and started to recruit myself.

Stormkeeper: So you basically wiped the slate clean?

Pecenipicek: More or less. The current team has made more progress since it was formed than the other teams had made in 5 years.

Stormkeeper: I'm sure many HLP-ers, me included, are happy for that.

Pecenipicek says: Yet we're still critically understaffed in some areas.

Stormkeeper: So I've noticed.

Pecenipicek: Hehe :p We're basically lacking good modellers, texture artists, storywriters and FREDers. POF-ing the new models we have gotten ingame till this point has been pretty much done by me.There's only so much a team of 5 active persons can do.

Stormkeeper: That's true... Can you give us an idea, of how many models you have done, and how many do you have left? You don't have to name them. :p

Pecenipicek: Ooh... Let me check my notes. I myself have done 4 models for the Hiigaran side out of 8 needed for Hiigarans and Vaygr need to still be done. For the initial release we are planning to put out 14 models, but sadly, all of mine are as of yet untextured.

Stormkeeper: Mostly fighters, with one or two capitals?

Pecenipicek: There aren’t that many fighters in the Homeworld universe :)

Stormkeeper: ... Sadly true. But how will that affect TAP's gameplay seeing as how FS2 is mostly fighter based.

Pecenipicek: Well, instead of the variety of selection of ships that FS2 offered the player, we will offer the fact that in Homeworld, you have to know how your ship behaves in order to be effective with it. Due to this, dogfights in TAP will be much faster paced and faster resolved than in FS2. I fully expect that many FS2 veterans will get themselves smacked the first few times they try to dogfight

Stormkeeper: So in other words, TAP will depend on the player being able to adapt to their fighters?

Pecenipicek: Yes. To adapt themselves to their fighter and to use said fighters to adapt the battlefield to themselves. Also, one small detail differentiating us from FS2. There are no fighter shields.

Stormkeeper: So avoiding over taking damage? Interesting. Certainly a change from regular FS2. And will the player have to pilot bombers?

Pecenipicek: We’re still not sure. It is possible. Depends on how harder does it make the game.

Stormkeeper: So the first release will have 14 ships and how many do you plan for the final release to have?

Pecenipicek: No plans at the moment. From my point of view, it'd be perfect if we could include all the ships from Homeworld 2 (Hiigaran, Vaygr and Progenitor, if we decide to include the progenitors into the final release).

Stormkeeper: TAP is basing their missions on the HW campaigns, correct? And only the HW2 campaigns only atm ?

Pecenipicek: Somewhat. The first release will be pre HW2. It will be based around the time when the Vaygr first start to appear.

Stormkeeper: Isn't there very little canon information concerning that period of time?

Pecenipicek: There isn’t. We will basically tell our vision of that part of the story.

Stormkeeper: I see. No doubt the results will be interesting.

Pecenipicek: With that particular story ending most likely at Tanis.

Stormkeeper: Tanis, eh...

Pecenipicek: The first mission of Homeworld 2.

Stormkeeper: Yea, I remember... Will it include Tanis, or exclude it ?

Pecenipicek: If the story ends at Tanis, what do you expect then? The full release will follow the HW2 storyline more closely but, no, you will not fight alongside the Pride of Hiigara.

Stormkeeper: Oh, concentrating instead of the defense of Hiigaran territory?

Pecenipicek: Amongst other things.

Stormkeeper: Do you plan on releasing a campaign based on HW1's story?

Pecenipicek: For the time-being no. After we release the HW2 story, perhaps.

And that concludes the first interview in a really really long while. I think I need to brush up on my interview skills tho.

It's nice to see a new interview :), but:

1) Edit the thread title, his name isn't in the correct form;

2) You should remove the "says", put some blank space between lines and make the names bold;

Other than that, very nice work :D

EDIT: I see you changed the colors. What about the blank space...? :)

I did this interview on MSN. I guess i missed a few 'says'.


Yeah, I noticed it...I guessed you had the chance to do that a while ago ;)

Very, very nice!  Title'd, news'd, and added to the Interviews group.  Way to start with a bang! :D


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