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Silent Threat: Secrets Revealed

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To be honest I don't see how adding additional info (providing that their color marks the fanon nature) wouldn't be appropriate. I mean, the whole History category of the Wiki is full of fanon stuff to fill the gaps... adding more doesn't harm anyone, IMHO. :)

I don't think anyone would mind if you tossed in ST:R stuff, GE.

These days I've been wondering if we should show ST:R to [V].

And I've been waiting for 3.6.10 Final... now that that's out, of course, I gotta wait for the 3.6.10 MVPs to be Final Final.

If anyone's interested in the ST:R Timeline, you can find it on the Wiki here. It should provide you with some additional insights.

Even though you can't possibly be expected to do all the things you would want to, with all the constraints imposed by present projects and RL I do think that sometime in the future you might want to consider Vasudan Imperium.

There's just so much that you could do with viewing the war from the Vasudan side. That would probably mean a team though and I think that the best thing about that would be to tie-in somehow with the stuff TVWP is doing.

Then again, that's just me. Hope I didn't bother you guys too much. That's some class-A work you have done in there. Both with the port and with ST:R
The memory of playing and actually finishing up Descent:Freespace is a very dear one to me, even if I have to admit I was more of a Star Fleet Command at the time. Thank you for keeping the dream alive.


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