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Beephkake-Shivan War!

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No, its not, its facing right. The spikes point backwards, like the rest of the Ancients ships.

Nice work, the use of pictures in interviews seems very effective. They may be used for a variety of purposes and I would have loved to see more of them in this interview. ;)

Glad you mentioned the collaboration with INF. I was the one who suggested it and I still think the ASW team is taking full advantage of the Ancient models (me and Woomeister agree on terminating you with a fleet of SSJs if they're used badly! :p) for us, since INF's plans to use Ancient ships were a bit vague and hardly fit with the rest. Unfortunately, I can't provide a lot of assistance and my help is somehow limited to supervision and further management of the deals between INF and ASW. :( Without considering this, I really like how things are going and I'm pretty sure ASW will become a notable mod.

Carry on! :)


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