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So, you bought a 3D Printer...(How to print models from FS2)

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Colonol Dekker:
Elegoo neptune 2 is so quiet I slept while it was printing next to me.

Re: loudness (and apologies for how late this is) most FDM printers arre pretty middle of the road devices. Loud computer fans in say a gaming laptop are a pretty good equivalent comparison.

I built a MDF Box with a simple door with a plastic window to look in on it, my printer sits inside. It serves twofold to dampen noise and to provide a more thermally stable environment for the printer (it really makes a difference to print reliability, Its definitely worth doing). With the printer in the box and running in the lounge it's not intrusive at all beyond a mild hum. 3MM MDF or Plywood panels are more than sufficient, and you can use 10-20mm timber rods to brace it for a little extra stiffness. MDF and Ply are pretty simple materials. If you've cut cardboard to make a box, this is not any more difficult. And MDF panels are likely available in the sizes you'd want for the box anyway.

Colonol Dekker:
I've got nothing worthy of showing yet, but I do have a tip to counter stringing i encountered during the learning process.   Heat gun.   In moderation, be super gentle with bit and watch the stringing shrivel up and vanish.

+ Rennie Ash +:
Is it possible for us to create a "readied models" repository so that people can store ships ready for printing (or at least the model, open in your preferred slicer)?
Or is that going to violate certain rights?

I did think about setting up a Thingiverse account and putting the ones I've personally processed there. It's a little dicey though because the models aren't mine y'know?


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