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Recommended Free Software for DVD-Ripping


Trivial Psychic:
So I am still working to upgrade Den5's "In The Beginning" campaign for TBP, and I'd like to include some additional head anis, which will involve extracting them from the DVD.  Since some of you out there seem to have experience in doing this, given that TBP already has some show-extracted head anis included, what software combinations would you all recommend to do this?  I'd likely need one piece of software to rip the video, and another to edit it down the piece I need, and crop it to the proper size.  Keep in mind, I have never done this before, so any tips and shortcuts would be appreciated.  Furthermore, might be easier to find some mkv copy of the show on Bittorrent and work with that?  I'd still need the editor software for that though.

For Ripping Handbrake comes into mind. That is a powerful tool in this regard.

Can not tell much about Freeware Video Editing Tools, though.

Trivial Psychic:
Well, I tried Handbreak, but it wouldn't handle the copyright software.  I then decided to download the video from BitTorrent, and try to find a freeware video editor, but I have yet to achieve success.  I tried LosslessCut and OpenShot, but couldn't get them to do what I wanted.  I'll keep searching, but if anyone has any ideas, please share.  I'd prefer free or free-trial software.

I ripped all of my B5 DVDs years ago using Handbrake without issue. I did use a non-free version with the DVD decryption code in it though and I'm not sure if that's still required.

For the bit of editing you need I'd probably recommend Avidemux. It's a transcoder with some basic editing features and includes some filters, like crop, which should do what you want without being particularly complicated.

Trivial Psychic:
Thanks, but in the Video editor end of things, after posting that, I did some more browsing and found VSDC Free Video Editor, with which I achieved success in splicing out a video segment and eventually resizing it to the dimensions needed.  Now, I just need a bit of time to find the segments that I need and split them out too.


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