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HQ BP Vids required pls


Iain Baker:
Hi all!

My three-part review / deep dive / thingy about Blue Planet I wrote for is currently inaccessible due to the site closing down :(

Thankfully I have the text backed up as a word doc, so I'm going to republish it on Nomad's Reviews so it remains accessible.

Back then @The E very kindly recorded videos of Artemis and Icarus to show off the game's graphics (links below) but FS has moved on a bit since then, what with better lighting, updated models, jump points etc. so it would be great if we could get updated videos. What I'm looking for is a balance between dark and moody but still being able to make out details, loads of dynamic lighting and basically max eye candy with shadows, at 1080p (or above) with a buttery smooth 60fps - which my crusty old rig probably can't handle if it is running recording software at the same time.  :lol: :lol: :lol:
So, I am asking very nicely if someone could record said videos. I would be very grateful.
Many thanks in advance,
All the best,


Colonol Dekker:
Redmagejoe recently streamed it. 

See if he's got some prime footage.

Iain Baker:
Good call, but I'm looking for something without any commentary.


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