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Logo Model/artwork request
Hi! I just got a new pc and I'm itching to put it into my arcade machine and play Diaspora. I have to finish it first!

I'm working on the artwork now, and wondering if it might be possible to get a copy of the model/artwork used for the Diaspora logo? any help or other cool hi-res images might also be helpful!

Thanks kindly!


Re: Logo Model/artwork request
The resolution of the Diaspora text logo on the makeshift website is quite small, and not suitable for printing.
That logo is currently being recreated by the teams graphics artist, but is not yet available.
If you are looking for the Colonial logo on the golden roundel, that can be found online.
Since you have imagery of the Battlestar Galactica in your project already, perhaps the BSG logo would be better?
Google 'Battlestar Galactica logo' and select 'large' under images > tools > size.
Add the keyword 'vector' and you'll find some that are much more suitable for printing.
Vector art can be scaled to whatever size you need without quality loss/pixelation.

Re: Logo Model/artwork request
Thanks so much for the response! I'm specifically making the marquee at the moment, so I was hoping to get a 3ds file (etc) which I could modify to read "Arcade Galactica". I'm working my way through this tutorial below at the moment, and starting with a very large resolution for ~6" x 34" printout.

I'll be sure to post back when I have progress. In the meantime if somebody does get back to me with whatever source/vector/3d file they are using it could be a great help.

Cheers!   :D
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Re: Logo Model/artwork request
Oh, that font looks much more accurate to the new series version of the logo than the TOS-inspired one I have. Thanks for the link!

In any case, I was making the logo 3D models bespoke. It seemed more reasonable to type the text then run the same set of extrusions and bevels on each title than to model all 26 letters (with variations for how they can connect) and then plug them together in 3D. And since you're printing it and not animating it, you don't really need it to be a 3D model. I think that tutorial is the way to go for your needs.