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Translation for french community
Hi everyone!

I working to translate campaigns available on your site. My community is French.

How could you upload my translations?

I translated :

- Blue Planet Complete
- Diaspora
- Campaign Freespace

And i working for mores campaigns...

what do you think of my idea ?

Thank you for your answers..

Pulsar, French modder.


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Re: Translation for french community
I'd be very interested in seeing the Diaspora translation.
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Re: Translation for french community
This sounds like a great idea, the more people we can make these campaigns available to, the better :)


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Re: Translation for french community
What's with Voice Acting? Are you recording new lines, or just remove existing ones?
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Re: Translation for french community
I think voice acting would be a much larger job, but if the text is there, maybe the community will be encouraged to do the audio by it.

Re: Translation for french community
Whaooo !

Thank you for your answers!
I 've only translate the text, not voice. For voice, it's necessary to have actor's people :)

I'll drop the files in a hosting and I will indicate the lines downloads.

See you soon.