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I'll also say that when I play a mod like WoD or DE I know in advance what I'm getting into so I try not to complain, I was just a bit annoyed that in an innocuously titled thread like this there was nothing but that kind of stuff. Probably an overreaction on my part, to be fair. But I hope you can at least understand where I'm coming from.
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Re: Freespace inpsired Artwork
"Corruption" is a very harsh way of putting my (and other people's) hard work, y'know. Besides, I haven't seen any overtly sexual stuff directly related to FS2, and calling anime girls as always sexual is a bit of a stretch.

Also, I thought the 18+ Content in WoD was optional?

Well I just mean the 'fanservice stuff' in general. I do my best to ignore it.
Well from what i can see you are doing a fine job of "ignoring it". You must also remember that fans have their way of showing their love and appreciation towards any franchise, hell even Volition themselves even are amazed of what the community has done and are honored that the fans are continuing to push this franchise to new limits all the time. So in regards to fanservice stuff you can even say that the mods and Knossos is the fans way of servicing their community and basically saying that all is welcome here.
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