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Knossos -- automatically update mods?
I just looked through my installed mods on Knossos, and when I clicked "Details" on MediaVPs, one of the options was "Update" (or something like that) ... and so I clicked that button and it updated -- all well and good.

Question:  Is there a way to tell Knossos to update *all* mods (for which updates are actually available) without having to manually go through each mod and checking to see if the update button is available?


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Re: Knossos -- automatically update mods?
There is not -- and I don't think it would be a good idea to add that feature.  I understand one of Windows 10's more unpopular features is when it installs a critical update at an inconvenient time without asking first.

Re: Knossos -- automatically update mods?
Good clarification.

Let me rephrase:

Could there be a button in Knossos that one could click that basically says "click here if you would like to update *all* mods (for which updates are actually available) at this time"

Re: Knossos -- automatically update mods?
Maybe something like when you click on the Knossos, it says: There is an update available. Click to update? (YES or NO).
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Re: Knossos -- automatically update mods?
A button like that doesn't exist at the moment from what I know. That would be a feature request, then.

Automatically downloading updates might also be an opt-in feature, I guess. But to be fair both this and the update button could be problematic from one perspective: a random multi-gigabyte update for multiple mods? I wouldn't want to be your Internet connection :P.
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Re: Knossos -- automatically update mods?
Speaking of Knossos, and given that I?m not sure where to post this question - I've been meaning to go trough my campaign with the latest VMP's and .exe to iron out bugs/errors, but suddely cna't launch it anymore.

Claims I need GOTY Mission Pack, a requirement that never existed. What gives?
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