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The first test has concluded. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I have been working on some multiplayer missions for Blue Planet WIH and It's time to do some testing. Right now it's 4 dogfighting missions and one Coop. If anyone is interested in participating in the test, post a reply in this thread and we will try to arrange a time that works for everyone. Consider this a 'Sneak Peek' for a BP:WIH multiplayer mission pack that is going to be released... in due time.

One dogfight mission involves Karunas, that's right... Dogfighting Karunas

Other missions feature fighters and weapons from the Blue Planet WIH modpack. So get ready for Uriels swooping and Vulcans blazing!

Once enough interested parties are available we will form a testing group and select a time that works for everyone, I will update this post with a list of interested players as they appear.

Interested Testers: (Test Concluded)

Eh. Most people don't use MVPs when playing multi for lag's sake. Do you really expect us to try multi on WiH ?

Aside from that, I'm up for testing, if you don't mind me making everyone else lag :p

Dilmah G:
Actually, if you guys are gonna play later in the night, this might be a good way to put my insomnia to good use. :P

Sounds interesting...

Don't know when I'll be free so I guess I'll just wait and see when everybody else is and if I can make it.


--- Quote from: MatthTheGeek on January 08, 2011, 12:45:26 am ---... I'm up for testing, if you don't mind me making everyone else lag :p

--- End quote ---

That's a good reason alone to have you as a tester. I don't know what to expect in terms of latency, but I'm sure it depends on how well each player runs the campaign without framerate issues. Different machines, even low end ones would provide useful information for the feasibility of this project.


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