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*I am no longer updating this thread. For a list of recent changes please see.

Balance is a big issue in any multiplayer game, and I would like to be transparent about any changes that we are making to the BP WIH Multiplayer modpack. Another reason for doing this is to get feedback from the community on what kind of game you would like to play. Should we try to stay true to Blue planet release mechanics as much as possible or try to create something fun but possibly different?

Below are a list of proposed and implemented balance fixes for BP:WIH multi. Any feedback on these balance fixes is welcome and testing will be needed to ensure a game that encourages fun and strategic play. Note: before testing always be sure to have the latest SVN.   

Ideas are categorised as follows...
Repealed Fix

      Limit the capabilities of reverse acceleration so ships do not move/accelerate backwards so quickly.

      Remove the UEF Ainsarii, a very fast nimble and small UEF stealth fighter.

      Augment the turning ability of the Lao Tze so it does not so easily outmaneuver other ships.

      Lower the maximum speeds and maximum afterburner speeds of the Kentauroi and Lao Tze

      Remove the Durga and Vajradhara from normal dogfights. Only usable in specially matched dogfights. (as well as their ship specific weapons)      
      *(Please discuss this) Augment the capacity of missiles so that only 16 or so missiles be equipped to limit the spam ability of missiles in multiplayer.   
      Remove the 'Sidhe' shotgun primary weapon

      Augment the Dirk's range and tracking to allow for an easier to use dogfighting missile      
                                Increase the firepower of the Lau Tze specialized weapon the 'Cavalier'.
                                Lower the damage and/or rate of fire of the Dart heat seeking corkscrew missile      
                                Remove the 'Slammer' secondary cluster warhead      
                                Remove the 'Shrike' long ranged EMP warhead
                                Remove or provide D variant of the Grimmler long ranged aspect missile

          Severely limit the availability of the UX accelerator         
          Limit the availability of the Gattler in the TvT mission 'Sanctus Duel'

I will add to this list as more ideas are proposed. I would like to have a big list so the most workable solutions can bubble up to the top and improve game balance overall.

I updated the ships.tbl to the SVN(error free in debug mode),

The Lao Tze#dogfight takes a little longer to turn and has reduced reverse afterburner velocity and acceleration. It also has slightly lower forward maximum speed. Afterburner top speed took a hard cut as well.

The Kentuari#dogfight has reduced reverse afterburner velocity and speed and slightly lower forward top speeds. (Similar to Lao Tze's changes but turning is left alone)

The Uriel#dogfight has reduced reverse afterburner velocity and speed. Forward top speed it kept the same.

However yet another dilemma presents itself.

As it stands now the GTVA fighters are using D-Variant weapons in dogfights which puts them at a pretty sizable disadvantage against UEF standard weaponry. I am considering changing the tables to allow GTVA fighters to carry their standard weaponry to allow them to compete in dogfights against UEF ships.

Another option would be to create all new UEF D-Variant weapons which would be less powerful and balanced specifically for dogfights.

Any ideas?


--- Quote ---Another option would be to create all new UEF D-Variant weapons which would be less powerful and balanced specifically for dogfights.
--- End quote ---

Well, that's what D-variants are for in the first place :) Seeing as weapon balance is only a major problem in dogfights, that's where those should be used.


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