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WIH Multi Test #3

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Test concluded, thanks to everyone who participated.

It's late March and spring is here (or fall for the down under), so how bout we organise a test for this coming weekend on March 25th 26th or 27th? Just like the first two multiplayer tests, you can show interest by posting a reply here, or sending me a PM. Perhaps if enough non-euros are interested, we can look for a time that's more suitable for other regions.

Last two times we got a pretty large turnout which easily filled a game with 12 players for a few hours. This time, I would like to arrange multiple hosts to be able to run multiple games at the same time so we can do more than just dogfighting. Many of the missions have a maximum of 8 players, and some have a maximum of 4.

If you are interested, please include the time you would prefer to have the test take place. If you have any other questions with what you need to get BP:Multi up and running, or anything else just ask. I'll update the list as needed.

Test concluded

I'm least I'm interested.
Donno about my schedule though...we'll see.

Deadly in a Shadow:
Interested too, flyable Deimos-Corvettes, really nice.

My nick should make it obvious that I'm damn interested in this!  :p

duuuuuude count me in!


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