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Kyad showed me something pretty sweet just a few minutes ago.

This screenshot was taken from a multiplayer game with one player flying a Ulysses and the other player... being commander of the local fleet... that's right...

As some of you may know, this mod uses Nuke's RTS scripting. What's new about it is Sara got it to work and helped implement it for multiplayer. Imagine playing in a coop, only command is another player in the game. And here's the best part... It actually works. It just needs some more development/polish/implementation. 

WIHmulti is looking to take advantage of this script and develop missions for it. Command Serker Team while your allies fly escort. Command fighter wings to cover your allies who are captains of Karuna frigates. The possibilities are pretty astounding, as well as numerous.

So what's the interest level in this endeavor and what would you like to see us do with it?


Yes that's true. Maybe this thread's title should be 'Another WIH RTS?!'

The main difference is that this version uses FSO, while Matth's project involves the Homeworld 2 engine.

At this rate, mods for BP will outstrip and outnumber mods for FS2. :blah:

That said, this looks frickin' sweet!

This is a great idea that I'm surprised hasn't been attempted more often in gaming.

I will play the ever-loving **** out of this if it becomes a real thing.


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