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Edit: We played Blue Planet Multiplayer last weekend!

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Test Concluded

Be on IRC around that span of time and we'll set up games from there

These used to be called public tests, but we've got enough established work to the point where it's turning out to be more of a game night. The 5th public announcement of WIH multi will focus on giving the more complete work a through playthrough, welcoming critiques on overall experience. These game days typicly end up being good fun for Freespace Multi and Blue Planet enthusiasts alike.

We are planning on playing the following missions:
Fleet Battle A/B
Blade Itself
Forced Entry
Delenda Est
Mars Red
Tev Capship Gauntlet
Rat Defense
UEF Gauntlet
The Plunder
TvT/DF missions

If you have any questions about getting setup, or are unsure about what an SVN is or anything technical. Join the multiplayer IRC channel. There is almost always someone there who can walk you through getting yourself ready to play.

I'm in.  What timezone is BST?

Pred the Penguin:
I assume it's GMT. A little late but wth. Any other time and I'd just forget like before. :P


--- Quote from: G0atmaster on May 31, 2011, 12:36:27 am ---I'm in.  What timezone is BST?

--- End quote ---

BST is GMT +1. It's basically GMT which accounts for daylight savings time, so we add an hour in the spring/summer.

Use this map to determine your timezone

of cource i'm in, would be a waste to not help show them off.


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