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--- Quote from: bigchunk1 on June 29, 2011, 10:55:59 pm ---pic
To show Scale

Would anyone be interested in seeing the Custos in the BP modpack? It is not currently in any of the missions, but it has potential uses. It would make a nice target in the capship coop mission Corvette Strike, or a nice addition to Lester's convoy assault mission 'Preemptive Measures'. Another nice thing is people can play around with it in the 'extended modpack' that bp multi is somewhat becoming.

I have it all ready to commit... Just a matter of if we want it in there or not.

--- End quote ---

Oh totally it MUST be in. It's too epic!

Ok the custos has been added to the SVN. Please ensure everyone is updated or you will experince unintended results. bp2-mc02 "Corvette Strike" has been updated to include the Custos, it is also a more difficult mission. Enjoy. 

Zalem's idea has been made into a mission 'WIH Capture the Narayana'. It has been uploaded to the SVN. In this TvT mission (Feds vs Tevs) you 'capture' a Narayana class vessel by scanning it, then defend it from being retaken by the opposing force. This mission has not been tested yet and thus has a BETA label on its name.

Thanks a lot Chunky, I owe you one. I will test this as soon as possible. This will be lovely.


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