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Matth, your PM TvT is quite entertaining! Me and several others played it twice, with GTVA winning twice. Seems like the GTVA have the edge, with more AI assets and a beefier objective to protect. Great fun though, I've been wanting to play a WIH mission as a Tev for awhile. 

I made several versions of the UEF logo that players can use as multiplayer pilot pics and squad logos. There are 5 versions of the logo in here converted from the one made by Nighteyes.

To use the logos: download and extract this .zip archive in your root freespace2 directory.

Once you have done that, start the game in multiplayer mode, go into the barracks and select the type of uef logo you want!

If you want to manually install the individual files, make sure you place them in the correct folder.
Pilot pics go in freespace2/data/players/images
Squad logos go into freespace2/data/players/squads

If people are interested in this sort of thing, I can make/convert more BP themed pilot pics and squad logos.

Might want to base it on this one instead. Fancier.

Care to bake me one from this ?

Here you are


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