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I really really really like that Nyx.  A lot.

It's a tev ship. The more targets in the sky for us buntu aces the better. So I like too ;p

The BP:AoA mission 'Universal Truth' has been playtested and uploaded to the SVN. Full voice acting is a nice side effect of converting AoA missions.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the original version of 'Universal Truth' did not have a debriefing because it cut directly to the next mission in the campaign. The multiplayer conversion needs a debriefing for the following 3 eventualities.

1. The team is successful and enough of the fleet makes it to the node.
2. The team is destroyed and has no more respawns
3. The host jumps the team prematurely (AWOL debrief)
Note: fleet casualty debriefs are already accounted for.

If anyone wants to write any of these debriefings, I'll put them in the converted mission. Right now, I have some silly placeholders until something comes along.

Am I the only one who thinks the SOC Nyx would be awesome with a set of shark's teeth on the nose?

You aren't. ;)


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