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So, if I understand correctly, you want a remake of Clash of the Titans with UEF ships instead of GTA ships? If so, that'd be incredibly easy to make.

I just split the thread off with a detailed description of what I'm thinking of at:


--- Quote from: docfu on June 21, 2011, 07:27:01 am ---I've never fredded anything except hacking the current WIH missions to let me check out those new snazzy bombers and other ships that haven't been released yet (and to see what 12 Uriels do to the Meridian in Post Meridian). As a result I wouldn't feel comfortable releasing anything.
--- End quote ---

After a bit of debugging and polish, my first mission is now in the BPmulti SVN. Dont give up before you try, you never know how good you are untill you do and we are always looking for more help. It is also quite a bit easier to learn when you have people that can help you to understand what went wrong, or how to do a certain thing, and most of us hang out on IRC. Please, make an attempt. If it helps it does not have to be put on the svn right away but can be shared via PasteBin or something.

--- Quote ---KyadCK: Can you locate the multiplayer versions of the freespace 1 missions? I think there was a thread where someone redid the FSOpen Missions to make them more difficult and give them a fresh look. They might be a good place to start.
--- End quote ---

It is worth noting that we do NOT have FS1 assets. So things like the Apollo or Scorpion are out of our reach unless we add them to the SVN manualy since adding yet another large mod -FSport and it's MVPs in this case- to our already long requirement list might not be for the best.

Okay, if you tackle Clash of the Titans and toss in a Karuna (because we are talking current fleet readiness.) I'll tackle Evangelist.

I'm trying to decide which UEF fighters should replace the original Freespace fighters. Uhlans are an easy pick but Uriels don't seem like a fair replacement for Hercs.


I don't see those simulations should be 1:1 conversion from FS1 anyway. The deployment of UEF forces in those mishes should fit the UEF doctrine. Put Kents or Uriels if they fit the spirit of the mission and what the UEF would deploy in those circumstances. Also, remember than Uriels can take bombing, no need to send Durgas unless it is a very valuable target.


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