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Edit: 'Far east' gameday the other weekend!

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Test is over

Yesterday we had a gameday from 6:00PM to 9:00PM on June 4th. The problem with this is that this span of time is when far east regions such as Australia and Thailand sleep. So, for the second time we will have a far east gameday. This timeslot may be uncomfortable to some american gamers out there, but rest assured we will have another more western friendly test soon enough.

3 new BP campaign conversions made their debuit yesterday including WIH: 'The Plunder', WIH: 'Post Meridian', and Delenda Est. Each with their own multiplayer friendly twist to keep things fresh. We are also touching up on a conversion of the single player mission 'Universal Truth' a great escort mission near the climax of AoA.   

Note: Please use whatever build is in the bp multi SVN on that day, so we can avoid any unnecessary complications with inconistant builds. Game crashes will therefore be much more infrequent

As a final note, atleast the Cathage's final sights were Saturn's rings and awesome looking Karuna

Pred the Penguin:
Hey... that's the day after I graduate. :lol:
Unless anything comes up, should be perfect for me.


That's a fitting graduation present to you from the BPmulti team, especially considering that you've been wanting to play since January.

Pred the Penguin:
Hopefully most of the other far-east HLPers will get to play this time...

I'll definitely be there. Looking forward to it.


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