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(This is split from the General Suggestions thread.)


After the destruction of the Sol node in Freespace One, the military formed a committee to assess combat readiness and form a training program as a contingency to the threat of possible future incursion by Shivan and Vasudan forces.

With Vasuda Prime having been recently destroyed by the Lucifer and all contact lost with Delta Serpentis, Earth simply had no way of knowing if humanity beyond the Sol Jump Node survived the Great War.

These missions, developed by the Known and Unknown Threat Assessment Commission(KUTAC), are designed to train UEF pilots in plausible scenarios versus Vasudan and Shivan threats based on intelligence available at the end of the great war.

Mission scenarios include:

Combat Readiness Missions - Offensive and defensive operations versus Vasudan, Shivan, and (rebellious) Terran ships.

I.E. Gauntlet missions and search and destroy missions. Convoy defense. How to defend yourself versus a shielded (invincible) enemy. How to combat radar-immune ships.

Historical Missions - Missions of historical significance to both refresh pilots about past scenarios and train them for similar situations.

I.E. Good Luck.

All missions should be designed using canon ships from the original Great War but with pilots flying current UEF ships.

Any ships/weapons developed outside Sol after the Great War would be unknown to the UEF. However, scenarios with beam weapons could exist (assuming Sol got it's hands on what was left of the Lucifer.)

On the other hand, UEF hardware would probably have been developed with Subspace Destroyer Interdiction in mind to combat shielded ships.

Mission names should be designated "WIH UEF KUTAC" in the title to distinguish them from original FSPort missions.

I.E. WIH UEF KUTAC - Clash of the Titans III

Mission Suggestions:
Obviously the original Freespace plot is going to be the premier place to find mission ideas. About half of the Freespace missions were plot advancement(I.E. guarding the Galatea through an asteroid belt/first encounter with the Shivans) and wouldn't have any real play value or would be covered in a gauntlet-style scenario.

Other missions will have great combat training value such as destroying cains/liliths/the demon or capturing the dragon.

I've included a complete mission list with summaries of which missions I think would be good for training and additional notes on how they could be improved.

I've marked missions of potential interest with an asterisk.

Eve Of Destruction - Defend a Fenris Vs. Vasudan Fighters.

The Field of Battle - Hunt Vasudans in an Asteroid Field.

Small Deadly Space - Destroy Vasudan Cargo Depot.

Avenging Angels - Capture a Terran Transport.

Out of the Dark / Into the Night - First Shivan Contact (no shields/no target lock/weapons ineffective).

Paving the way - Escort Galatea through an asteroid belt.

Pandora's Box - First Combat Vs. Shivans.

The Hammer and the Anvil - Defend transports carrying shield prototypes.

The Darkness and the Light - First Vs. Hammer of Light

*First Strike - Capture the Taranis, a Cain-class Shivan Cruiser.
Notes: This would be an excellent mission, reduced allied ships versus increased Shivan forces to show the abilities of UEF Fighters.

The Aftermath - Transport Defense.

*The Big Bang - Defend Project Tsunami (A Faustus and a Fenris) from the Shivans.
Notes: This mission had a decent number of Shivans and defending transports in the future would be a likely scenario.)

*La Ruota Della Fortuna - Destroy an HOL outpost
(Misnomer: Actually destroy a Shivan strike force and two lillith cruisers.)
Notes: Another excellent mission that could show how reduced allied forces can destroy Shivan cruisers.

Where Eagles Dare - Destroy Hammer of Light Transports.

*Tenderizer - Defend an Orion Destroyer (The Galatea) Vs. Vasudan Ships.

Shell Game - Capture Shivan Cargo.

*Enter The Dragon - Capture a Shivan Dragon fighter.
Notes: This should still easily be a challenge.

Playing Judas - Fly a Dragon and scan the Shivan fleet.

*Evangelist - Destroy the Eva, a Demon class destroyer.
Notes: UEF Vs. A demon destroyer would be a very likely scenario. It would be interesting to see how many UEF ships would be needed at minimum to destroy a demon. Increased Shivan presence could add to the challenge.

Doomsday - Defend an Orion against Shivans(and watch the Lucifer blow it up.)

Exodus - Defending transports between three jump nodes versus waves of Shivan fighters.
Note: Easily a likely scenario. Would be useful to demonstrate how the UEF ships outperform cannon fighters.

Last Hope - Protect a Typhon Vs. Shivan fighter/bombers.

A Failure to Communicate - Defending escape pods versus fighters.

Reaching the Zenith - Destroy a Shivan Lillith.

Running the Gauntlet - Defend transports versus Shivans.

Black Omega - Defend transports against hostile Vasudan Forces.

*Clash of the Titans - Defend an Orion(The Bastion) Vs. a Demon-class destroyer.
Note: Uriels would seriously outperform Ursas. I'm guessing two could completely strip a demon in under 5 minutes. Replacing the Bastion with a Karuna to show how the big ships have improved would also be of military interest.

The Great Hunt - Defend the Bastion against waves of Shivan and Hammer of Light forces.

*Good Luck - Destroy the Lucifer.
Note: Easily one of the most critical operations would be protecting Earth from future shielded Shivan Superdestroyers. Oddly, this is a scenario which never happened in Freespace 2.

In short, I think there is a lot of material that can be developed along this pretense that would greatly enhance the value of WIH Multi.


I don't see why we can't do this with a few missions. The mission conversions are already available in retail multiplayer, just a matter of switching out assets. Balance, however, might be another thing. It could help us get more coop missions in the multiplayer pack. Are people interested in this?

IMHO, more co-op missions is ALWAYS a good thing. I'd also be happy to test starting from early next week once my exams are over.

What do you mean by "retail multiplayer?"

I started working on "Evangelist" and I've been play testing it with UEF ships all week but I got the source file from FS-Open. So far Uriels do a good job in place of Medusa's but the Izra'il is fantastic because it can carry ten jackhammers in place of the Uriel's six.

Beefing up the AI/respawn rates on enemy fighters and enabling beam weapons on the Demon made it more interesting although by BP standards the original mission was actually very boring. The Demon just sits there until you blow it up.

Using the FS Open single player version has quite a few problems, however. The mission is originally a Red Alert mission meaning it has no proper debriefing. There is also a Cain class cruiser which shows up if you fail to scan it in the original mission. A lot of dialog would need replacement as well.

I honestly wonder if it would be better to take a mission like Post Meridian and switch the ships/wings to Shivan. it wouldn't be historcally correct but it would definitely be more interesting.

On another note: Is there a better place to create multiplayer conversions from? I.e. is there already a set of multiplayer FS one missions available?

General Battuta:
Huh, I always thought the Uriel could only carry two Jackhammers.


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