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There will randomly be a Standalone up and running as Multi issues are tested for, sorted and patched, but I'll be trying to keep a constant one running set to BP2 Multi.

Course, if the SVN ever get's an update, it will have to relaunch, but right now it's running on r260.

You, my dear Sir, are awesome.

Is the server going to be restarted by a script which checks whether there have been updates on the SVN, or is it going to be restarted manually?


Actually, as it turns out, there are "is-key-pressed" events that, rather than being tied to the Game Host Player, are tied to the host exec serving the game.

Which actually doesn't make a Standalone viable at the moment until (and if) such a thing can get fixed. (Either for all clients or at least the Game Creator player)

But rest assured, I still have a Standalone up (Currently set to retail) and I'm more than happy to have people use it to test for bugs re: Multiplayer, especially if I'm present and can participate.

If you are in a situation where you can't forward ports, this is very good news for you since ANYONE can make a game using a standalone server. All you have to do is log into the game using bp multi and look for the server in the games menu. Recommend people try the servers out, It can only mean good things later on. If you're interested in a game, bug people on IRC.


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