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Re: About the Colonial warheads...
Yup.  Always a problem with dumb bombs.  At least in-game you also don't have to worry about collimination and eye position causing aim error as well.  But then we are talking about nucs and in general. close is good enough.  :lol:
Probably not in space - no blast wave, remember - you'd need a direct hit to achieve much against the cap ships.
The heat and radiation release will cause some "virtual blast" as hull/armor plating materials vaporize testing hull integrity, and if hull plating is breached(melted) from that anywhere within a half a klick or so of detonation it's crispy critter coffin for all but the largest ships. The blast heat can then superheat the internal atmosphere causing a superhot internal over-pressure situation, which is exactly how anti-submarine torpedos are designed to work today.  Sure that's nowhere near as bad shockwave-wise as in atmosphere, but it turns out atmospheric effects blunt the heat and radiation effects compared to a totally unshielded space blast.  And I'd say half a click is a pretty large margin when the "close enough" conversation started with small sideslip effects on delivery accuracy. I would compare it to shooting at a barn with a rifle from 30 meters, everything you do which could cause a small error in aim will still result in a "hit".  Sure it's still possible to miss by releasing beyond the recommended release range, but even that is somewhat mitigated if you have a continuously computed impact point pipper that is smart enough to compensate for sideslip.


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Re: About the Colonial warheads...
The thing with sideslip is... at least with the BtRL demo... that once a maneuver is completed the ship settles into a linear flightpath quite quickly. It's how the ship's stabilization system works. The only problem would be having to deal with that WHILE BEING SHOT AT! Which might make launches tricky. The only other scenario is when the ship is in glide, which might make a release suicide from some positions. Seeing as you can change the flight path of the ship with thrusters, launching the bomb in glide might be plausible from some angles. This would, more than anything else, require a CCIP/CCRP system. Otherwise, hand-bombing ("eyesighting") a capship shouldn't be a problem (unless you're at extreme ranges... in which the weapon may get shot down).

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Re: About the Colonial warheads...
I'm not saying they are guns, just that the model itself has points which can easily be converted to guns if the team wants to.

About the blackbird, if you read wikipedia it says that the blackbird has no armaments, but it does have a hard point to which a missile could be attached.

Remember that Wikipedia is not a quality controlled resource- anyone can write any old drivel on there, and it would only be removed (eventually) if proven inaccurate.  Don't treat it as an accurate information site.

And yet, oddly, it has an average error rate lower than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Funny how well crowdsourcing works!

If it's got a citation, you can probably trust it. No harm in double-checking, but Wikipedia's a great resource.