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2003 Mini-series theme tune
Hi folks.  Does anyone know where this can be found online?  I'd like to use it as a ring tone on my phone, but it isn't on the BSG sound tracks as far as I know.


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Re: 2003 Mini-series theme tune
It can be found on the official Soundtrack, which should be available via Amazon.
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Re: 2003 Mini-series theme tune
You want the sound track from the mini, done by Richard Gibbs, not Bear McCreary.
Or something.
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Re: 2003 Mini-series theme tune
Try ebay or other website which propose to sell online.
Or there is an ther way but not legal, don't try this way...


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Re: 2003 Mini-series theme tune
Are the soundtracks on iTunes or any of those services?

Re: 2003 Mini-series theme tune
Not the miniseries.