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6-Player BSG: A View from the CIC
I know this is where people discuss the Freespace BSG mod, but I just encountered another BSG mod that I thought might be of interest to the community.

It's for a game called Artemis.

I originally sought to use Freespace to help some pencil and paper RPGers simulate BSG.  We had fun, but hardware conflicts and crowding the screen made it difficult for several people to control the same ship.   :banghead: You can read about my adventure in hardware here:

In any case, we just played something that will make the people here drool.  You are welcome.   :pimp:

We've been playing the regular game for a week, and I just discovered the mod.  It's amazing-looking, and has a ton of great stuff inside.  The mod still needs love and work, and the one guy building it could probably use some support.

If you haven't seen what Artemis is (it was linked on Penny Arcade), then to get an idea, check out:
Now do that... with Battlestar.

It's $40 for the Artemis file, but you can install it on as many computers as you need.  I got it on sale, but you can split it with your crew.  We're enjoying the heck out of it.

So say we all.


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Re: 6-Player BSG: A View from the CIC
I was wondering when they'd get around to doing a BSG mod for Artemis.
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Re: 6-Player BSG: A View from the CIC
Yeah Artemis is wonderfull, and this mod looks amazing, my only concern is that a bridge view would be damned awesome.

the 3rd view break the immersion a little bit.
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Re: 6-Player BSG: A View from the CIC
Just a quick note: Artemis is currently being edited to allow for a 1st person view.

Until it's complete, one can just change the draw distance to -20.

Re: 6-Player BSG: A View from the CIC
Congratulations to the Diaspora team for an awesome release!

One of my programmer friends released an installer for the BSG Artemis mod, making it very easy to put on your computer.  Hope everyone's enjoying an awesome dose of BSG videogames!