Author Topic: Alternate Torrent Mirrors?  (Read 3032 times)

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Re: Alternate Torrent Mirrors?
You wouldn't happen to be able to give the exact error, would you?

Oh, and you can check your Peers and see what % they are... I can tell you right now they are done, though, as the other way is to go to and when the torrent reaches 100%, it will show up as a new torrent.

So, there's another link if we get a sudden slam of new downloads and the torrents slow down.  Keep in mind, though, if we get that kind of volume, even gameupdates will probably slow down, as most everyone is currently seeding the regular torrent.  If we get a steady build up of seeders on GU before a big hit, however, it should be fine, as seeders last longer on GU due to the servers doing most of the seeding, thus keeping seeders for a longer period (and less upload requirement on them).

What would happen in that case, is all of the seeders that were uploading at say 10KB/sec instead of 100KB/sec would max out to 100KB/sec (example figures), and most likely more GU servers (that had previously downloeded the file for just such a case) would begin assisting the swarm as well, making any huge influx of leechers barely noticeable.  ;7


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Re: Alternate Torrent Mirrors?
Quote from: Tracker error
Download torrent from or revisit to update IP (FE80::215:58FF:FECC:1370).
I managed to resolve my problem. It looks like KTorrent is broadcasting any IPv6 address it can find and my internet provider sucks (no IPv6). Deleting every IPv6 address solved everything - they were useless anyway.