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Check out the torpedos on her, fellas!

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My first non-enemy, Turambar!  :lol:
Anyway, I'd say, fix the title of the Khob'ani (sp?) pic to "Reminding the boys what they're fighting for" and you could incorporate it somehwhere on the site, maybe a background or something. It's actually a good idea, I think, because:
1. It has an element of the FS universe (namely, a Vasudan).
2. It's humorous, which as we all know HLP most definitely as.
3. It shows appreciation for the work done by the community.
As to the question of whether female vasudans are different from males, call female parts 'artistic license'.
Incidentally, although I wouldn't dare to revive the old thread, the title actually could make sense because if it's from Great War times, as the year given would make possible, than it could be a reference to the forces fighting the Lucifer at Vasuda prime.

Al of this doesn't help the fact that I demand more Vasudan pictures!  :ick:

Fire and boobs...  Fire or boobs....  Fire with boobs?

aceofspades: I the only one to whom that made no sense?  :wtf:


Think about it in the context of the thread title.


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