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Colonol Dekker:
Normally press F2 and rebind using rebind controls.

It doesn't work. With the laptop I have, F2 is a shortcut to lower the volume.

But by rebind, you mean change the control by binding them to different buttons? That's what I tried, but it's a real mess. For example, with the AZERTY, when I bind something to the "A" button, it shows in the game that it is bound to the "Q" button (because, from QWERTY to AZERTY, "Q"="A"). If it had just been a few buttons like, for example, one to fire the bombs, one to boost, one to target and so on, it would have been alright. But there are dozens of controls some of which are rather complex, so it quickly becomes too confusing for me.

AZERTY and international keyboard layout support is in the works with the Controls6 branch in my repo, courtesy of another SCP dev.  Hopefully it'll be here Soon(TM), we've been continuously hitting speed bumps with Controls5 since the first business quarter this year so I can't give you a good time estimate of when it'll be available.

It can take a bit of work, but I recommend trying to remap the major bindings to something that's logical to you and get used to their physical position on the keyboard rather than try to rely on the letter (such as T for targeting).  For example, I usually put throttle controls along with lateral thrust and roll keys together in the Q, W, E columns of a QWERTY layout.

The controls you mostly use are your movement keys, weapon selection keys, energy management and transfer, shield balance and transfer, and only a handful of the many different targeting keys.  The comms menu to command your NPC wingmates is also important.

Targeting keys of note are: Cycle Targets,  Target Nearest Hostile, Target Nearest Bomb or Bomber, Cycle Subsystem, and Target Boresight.

Where the vidya at

Moar vidya


Loved seeing The Forever Train stage!! Very cool. And man, Pigma is a thing of nightmares. :p


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