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Good to see yall didnt go down with the ship:D

BTW when you click on forums on the website it still sends you to the VWatch case you didnt know that
Stop... Hammertime :hammer:

Welcome to asylum, guys!
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  • 29 anyone from BWO going to be a new HLP member? :D

Good to have you guys here! Now I don't have to go to the VWBB for news...
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The BWO site and logo is lookin cooler than ever. Great work ;)


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Hi Ice, you old Canadian Snowrabbit !


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Glad to hear BWO is getting released. One question, though it has propably been adressed before, is that are you going to release the mod for download as a one big file or in many parts?
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Hey guys. I am a refugee too. Too bad VWBB had to go down-hill so fast.