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Originally posted by IceFire


Drinking age is 19 here everywhere except for Quebec where its 18.  Technically I believe it should probably be 18 everywhere and get it over with.

It's 18 in Alberta too isnt it?
Personally I think higher age limits lead to more problems.  People will get drunk just for the sake of getting drunk because it's illegal. IIRC there is no limit in Italy, and they have a very low number of alcoholics.

Oh, and happy Escape Day..


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18 would be lovely for us down here in Texas, I mean we can still get it anyway but it just takes more effort to get it and the cops love givin us MIPs(minors in possesion)
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Legal drinking age here in Australia is 18 :D
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Damn right it is. One of the American guys at the Student village I'm staying at this year brought his 19 year old brother over - he's legal for the first time in his life :)
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