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Title: More Multiplayer Spawn points
Post by: skunimatrix on September 08, 2012, 03:28:39 am
First off I have to admit I've not messed with FRED in well over a decade so I may have forgotten some of the technical details, but something I noticed in 1v1 situations was that  you tended to often spawn on top of each other in the dogfights.  When there was more than 2 of us I didn't notice it being as much of a problem, but there was one time it was particularly bad when Arachne/Weaver and I were trying out the Heavy Raiders and one would spawn right in the middle of the gun sights of the other and proceed to get shredded inbetween us laughing at the situation.

Overall though we had plenty of beer and plenty of good times.  Looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with as far as coop missions and more dogfight/team scenarios.  Oh and having a lot of fun. 
Title: Re: More Multiplayer Spawn points
Post by: karajorma on September 08, 2012, 05:47:08 am
I suspect just moving the ships further apart in the mission file would have that effect. I'll see if CooperHawkes agrees.
Title: Re: More Multiplayer Spawn points
Post by: CooperHawkes on September 08, 2012, 01:12:24 pm
I had a look at the missions and as some of the spawnpoints are quite near to each other id say: yes its a good idea to move them apart slightly. especially since the distance between some of them is something around 1500m and thats our effective max weapon range for KEWs.

Something the engine doesnt care about afaik, is when the fight moves near one of those spawnpoints. If the engine decides to spawn a ship there, it doesnt matter if it ends up directly in front of another ship.

A fredded solution, that puts spawned ships in a random position not too near to other ships but far enough away from an ongoing fight, should be possible. But as this involves setting the position of ships via sexps, I dont know how much our netcode would like that, regarding high pings or object updates on the client.

Ill fred a test mission for that and we simply have to see if it works out.
Title: Re: More Multiplayer Spawn points
Post by: karajorma on September 08, 2012, 08:11:58 pm
The spawn point code probably could be fixed reasonably easily to not allow you to spawn if there was a fight nearby.
Title: Re: More Multiplayer Spawn points
Post by: CenturionModel0005 on February 09, 2013, 06:40:56 am
Hi I am Very Interested In FREDing Dog Fighting Missions and Team V Team Missions so any update on having the spawn points more random would be great. I am also very new to Fred and any Missions of these types that you all ready have that I may look at for a matter of learing how they are made would be of much help Many thanks for such an amazing game Cylon For ever


Ok I found the Original DF and TvT maps in the R1_Core.vp and I see that all the spawn Points are all in the middle of the Map
I have moved them all = Distance away from each other best I can I also added Blue + Orange Asteroids making the Filed Much Denser
I will attach the Map to this Post for you to grab let me know if it is any better

I have added
1 Dogfight
1 Team v TEam

Please let me know if it fixed the Re spawning Issue


Place the 2 files in to


Then Start your game as normal set up a server and you should see both the new files listed

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