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In-game invisible servers
some people behind routers seem to be unable to host games more than a few times in a row without getting invisible servers ingame a couple of days ago a few of us got round this by unpluging our internet connection/turning the router off and on, hope this helps

Re: In-game invisible servers
Do you have port forwarding set up on your router or the host server in a demiliterized zone on the network that allows it to accept incoming connections?  Chances are the router's firewall is blocking the connection.

Re: In-game invisible servers
all the ports are fowarded on my router and on most of the people having this issue, we can see eachithers games once or twice but then it bugs out for about a hour or more

Re: In-game invisible servers
Check local firewalls in windows, Mac, and IPtables on linux and make sure there isn't something there getting tripped up as well.