Author Topic: Differences between Inferno and Sol: A History  (Read 4485 times)

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Differences between Inferno and Sol: A History
For a while I thought Sol:  A History was a prequel to Inferno but then I later learned it wasn't canon.

Out of curiosity, could someone tell me what the story differences are in them (basically, how is the EA/plot different)?


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Re: Differences between Inferno and Sol: A History
There's a prequel to Inferno telling what happened in Sol following the destruction of the Lucifer, and said prequel would be Inferno: Alliance, released many years ago and still available on Knossos. A nearly complete overhaul of INFA, INFASA (Standalone) had been in the works but ultimately ended up in a "frozen" status.

Recently, we managed to recover the old modpack and we've also made some changes/updates to it. It will see the light again but not that soon, as other releases have priority over it.  :)
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