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Vorlon Cruiser in Thirdspace

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Hello Comrades,

I always wonder about these strange vorlon ships in "Thirdspace". They are shown in Lyta's vorlon message an that weren't the typical warships. We can see that there are already known types and some another bigger vorlon ships which never appaer in other B5 episodes or mods. Probably some of you know something about this?
It would be interesting to see them in action i thing, perhaps in TBP

Well that was Million years ago old Vorlon vessel
maybe Vorlons replaced it

seems so, but the vorlonsdidn't replace the other ships which must be be million years old,too.
information about this vessel is rare... alright that ship isn't the core of the story, but it still interests me...

does anyone know whether the firstone's ships have names?Or does a B5 mod exist where they're playable?

Well that would be quite boring. You cough once and half of the "map" is wiped out :p

Getter Robo G:
FOr a second I thought you were referring to the 3rd Space Aliens (they are NOT vorlons). BUt now that I reread it I  think I'll have to watch the movie again cause I missed that part about seeing OTHER Vorlon ships DURING Lyta's message sequence....



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