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I'm a bit confused about Dawn's visit with Spoiler: the Cyrvans.

She clearly didn't know or understand the language they talked to her in first, but she understood what they were saying to her. Was that telepathy?


--- Quote from: Lorric on April 04, 2015, 07:21:22 pm ---Player never takes full damage, that's interesting. Allies take full damage?

--- End quote ---
Yup, they do.

The card game segment was originally going to be a sort of playable bit. But after spending a full two days on it and only having gone through like 20% of the branches, I started to realize it was going to be far more time and effort than it was worth. So I dropped that idea...

--- Quote from: Destiny on April 05, 2015, 01:12:59 am ---Truly enjoyed the few hours spent playing the entire morning. Spectacular cutscenes, shiny new ships, reworked storyline. Spoon and the people who contributed really made something.

The Ray Mk. III is ever more deadly now with glide. Even on Insane, Spoiler:I managed to chase away both MCWSes in less than two minutes! A stellar performance for a Terran fighter...maybe...Spoiler:because their pilots were still nuggets? If only you could intercept missiles like the Zy ones in Ye Olde WoD - having a bunch of ship-launched anti-fighter missiles on my six and unable to shoot them down while gliding makes me sad :P

Secondary-wise, the HLP-1 is my new favorite secondary for now. You can use it to shoot at ANYTHING! Fighters, bombers, capital ships, mines, even as a dogfight weapon it excelled if you can keep your fighter pointed at the enemy. Just invokes that latent human desire to launch lots of projectiles at people, this HLP-1 does.

And the best part of all - twintails!

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Yay :D
The HLP-1 is a favorite of mine too, it's like equipping your ship with additional DPS.
A lot of the Hierarchy missiles will be interceptable, it's just that in episode 1 a lot of the missiles that get shot at you are also missiles the player can use. Giving those missiles hitpoints would make player missiles a lot less fun to use.

--- Quote from: Veers on April 05, 2015, 12:34:49 am ---Played it, finished it. 20/10. I have bought extra copies to play as well.

Seriously, that played through without a hitch*, redesigned control scheme kept getting me but I've always been too lazy to rebind keys. I didn't experience any errors or anything that seemed out of the ordinary, and overall was a very smooth experience, FPS rarely dipped to 40 and was consistently much higher, nothing wrong with performance.

Nothing but praise on my end, Fantastic! Loved it! Obligatory: Where is Episode 2?

* Spoiler:Flying the Mk III and turned glide on accidentally, didn't know what I had pressed and was flying away from the bombers attacking the Zeph.. felt so helpless. Thank goodness NuWOD contains IRC support! :D
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Great to hear :D

I've personally gotten so used to WoD's default control layout out, that I frequently import the Controlconfigdefaults.tbl into other freespace mods  (though the muscle memory of the classic layout is still pretty deeply embedded into me) :P

--- Quote from: niffiwan on April 05, 2015, 03:58:45 am ---I've only played a few missions so far, and have to leave my PC for 5 days tomorrow :( but I need to say: AWESOME WORK!  :yes2: :nod: :yes:
I'm loving this so much it should be illegal  ;7
Also super chuffed that I got a mention in the battle-live-feed :D
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Hope you didn't mind that Axem shortened your name a bit

--- Quote from: niffiwan on April 05, 2015, 03:58:45 am ---And.. umm... one minor nitpick, I broke the training mission and had to restart it, if you manage to destroy one of the missile launching ships the next one doesn't arrive (ramming speed!!  :nervous:)

--- End quote ---
I actually tried doing that a couple of times but never ended up killing any. One time, one got away with 2% hull. I was 2% hull away from discovering that bug...

--- Quote from: -Norbert- on April 05, 2015, 06:29:12 am ---I'm a bit confused about Dawn's visit with

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It's a mystery~

Damn you Spoon, if you had released it a DAY earlier, I could play the new release too... Till tomorrow, I have to wait. :D

Managed to unlock "the lewd". Seems the carpet doesn't match the drapes :P. Dawn is just the cutest little psychopath.
I think I'm going to modify the ai-profiles.tbm so I take 100% damage on insane on my next playthrough, maybe It'll be more of a challenge then.

Interesting thing that I wonder if and how Spoon has covered, as I'd be amazed if he hasn't encountered it. His capital ships have very low HP compared to the ones in Freespace by numbers. What I did was put a CSA Ascension up against a Zy Basileus to see which one would win. The Basileus gets crushed in a matter of seconds, but then the only-lost-a-few-%HP Ascension dies too. This happened all but once and I realised what was happening, it gets struck by a piece of debris from the Basileus, and because of the very low HP, gets obliterated.


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