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If you had an "unlimited budget" so to speak for the setting. Is there any other type of game you think would work well? Not necessarily action, although it could be.

I would love to do a two layered turn based strategy game with the WoD setting. With a strategic and a tactical part and plenty of events to spice things. (so basically think of the WoD forum game, only done well)

So, I tried replaying the original Wings of Dawn, only to realize that I no longer have my 3.6.12 executable, and all the download links on that forum page are broken. Can someone rehost that file? I get crashes when trying to use 3.8 or 3.7.4.

Would be simpler to just fix the errors that happen on modern builds than trying to run it on some prehistoric exe.

Is anyone using a recent executable that can run WoD version 1.0?


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