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Woooh, thanks for the reviews and kind words!

Played it, loved it. :) Great work, really. The VN segments are really innovative, certainly more immersive than long Fiction Viewer monologues. The biggest problem with it is that it was too short. That's not to say it isn't impressive, just that it ended way too quickly. Oh, and I love the new mass driver, they Type 74. KA-BLAM! :) Makes Cyrvans feel a lot less powerful, you can really clean their clock with that gun if you have knack for aiming it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

So when can we start taking Cyrvan 101 classes?

Hail our new Cyrvan overlords!

At first I was sad-faced, getting crashes when starting the game. Then I read how someone was getting them too and I followed the advice of disabling GLSL. It worked! excited3.gif

For some reason my lappy had switched to the intel GPU  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The most important part of any gaming experience to me, secondary to story, looks and audio (well, probably not audio) is that it's got to be fun to play. I enjoyed the first incarnation of WOD simply because it was unadulterated fun that wasn't emotionally or cognitively demanding. Happy to report that WoD2 is just as much fun and twice as charming.

I love the countermeasure graphical effect.
The visual novel format and anime style didn't detract as much from the experience as I expected.
Music still feels good to listen to. Sound perhaps lacks a bit of punch, especially with weapons.
Love the mercenary ship and the Firefly feel.
Still in early stages of the campaign but looking forward to seeing some capships in action later.


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