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Bryan See:
Thanks for the heads up :D

I was almost going to suggest that we close this, and then I saw that we had one more significant feature that we never got around to.  The Objecttypes table expansion to allow creation of entirely new ship types.  The feature itself has had code written for it that is almost a decade old now.  It always did seem like a useful feature though, but since I doubt Wanderer can be asked to dive into it again every five years, I wondered if there's anyone else interested in carrying the torch?

Does somebody have the aforementioned code saved, since the attachment was deleted many years ago? If so, I'd be willing to put in the effort to adapt it to current master.


I think the first one is the original from 2008, and the second one is one that someone had updated against a later SVN in 2009.  If there was anything updated in 2013 I don't think I have it.

I'll take a look; thanks.


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