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New Features for POF Version 3000 [FS2 = Version 2117]

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I plan on adding

Objects that move upon script = ie
---fires(Turret01, -5) //five seconds before Turret01 files
------Move(Object, x, y, z); //where X,Y,Z are replaced wiht correct values

---Launces(FighterBay01, -10) //ten seconds before fighters are launched from FighterBay01
-----Move(DoorRight, -200, 0, 0):
-----Move(DoorLeft, 200, 0, 0); // that would make the two door objects open [Hey IceFire! FS2:TBP could use this :D]

Hull Lights [ie running lights like in IWar2]

That will require 2 new chunks

MVRS or "Movers"
LGHT or "Lights"

who else has suggestions


Unknown Target:
How about support for trails? (For TAP)
And something....I forget what it was, but something for MODabilaty, especially for the Robotech MOD...
Oh, yea, not sure if this is what you mean in your last post, but how about animations that, stay (as in-fighter to gerwalk-to battloid, and back again)?
Also, more ability to be MODed, and how about a feature for a cockpit (you can turn this on or off, if you want), rather than just the bland HUD of FS2....
Unknown Target

we already have trail support - it's in the tables

Man, didnt we already discuss the trails?
Not. Gonna. Happen.


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