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Seems I'm doing this a lot (well, twice :p) lately... anyways, welcome to the shiny new Source Code forum.

Whilst we realise VW is doing something with the project a general lack of information means that we (well, I) have decided to cover it as well. This is in accordance with most peoples opinions so I suppose it isn't just me.

This forum is not dedicated to any one project. Any ideas for the game engine, help needed or source code mods etc... can be posted here. Anything that isn't related to the source code can stay in the FS Modding forum.

Anyway, things are still fairly hectic regarding the release of the source code so things are still subject to change around here, however hopefully this will remain a permenant feature of the forums.

So with all in this in mind, enjoy!

*bows before the mighty Thunder*

Good show dude !

Yeah i am the second one to post here !:D:D

Cool, now i can ask some question (later i mean)
But i'm also one of the first who post here :P

ello everyone :))

I still don't like spreading source code forums over two (or more) sites... This only makes harder to follow source code ideas, suggestions and foundings. *sigh*


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