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Battuta's Guide to Finding Your First (Or Next!) Campaign

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I'm not so sure I'd agree with that...I think playing it at some point is valuable, if for nothing else than to see what ST:R was born from, but it's such an aggravating experience in terms of raw gameplay and lack of narrative that I wouldn't really wish it on anyone as something mandatory, especially not if they're new to the series.  At least in my view, ST:R does a fantastic job of capturing the retail FS tone and narrative style, and it certainly does far more to tie the two games together than the original ST ever could.

General Battuta:
Yeah, after speaking with Goob, I may add a footnote about playing Silent Threat as a curiosity but I'm not going to recommend it to first time players.

Legate Damar:
I haven't heard of that Antagonist thing before, but the description sounds similar to a feature I want to eventually implement in Legacy of Shiva... I will probably download it and play it, then check out how it was done, to get some ideas and tricks.

It's worth it.

And well done Battuta, this is awesome!

can you also give each mod a doneness rating?

i want to play some of those mods, but i dont really have the time to track each one's progress, and i really dont want to play incomplete mods or betas.


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