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Enhanced in-mission sound (128 audio channels) (Committed)

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Here are experimental, very alpha builds with enhanced in-mission sound, using up to 128 audio channels.

Feedback is much appreciated. :) This project is part of my rehabilitation after having gone legally blind several months ago, so please be patient with me.

Missions with dense soundscapes, like the Mantis 2266 test mission that's attached to that issue, are where you will hear the biggest difference.


IMPORTANT: OpenAL Soft is required. Download this OpenAL32.dll file (version 1.16.0) and put it in your FS2 folder (and also wxLauncher/\bin folder if you use wxLauncher). If you'd like to get the .dll from its original source, see the notes at the end of this post.

Download FSO builds for Windows.


Linux users should be good to go for OpenAL Soft, although getting the latest version of OpenAL Soft available from your distro's repository  (or even getting the latest version from source from the OpenAL Soft website) wouldn't be a bad idea.

Patch for Linux and others interested is attached to this post.


See this thread for OS X builds with OpenAL Soft.

Special thanks to niffiwan for doing some preliminary testing.

Optional notes:

To get the OpenAL Soft Windows .dll yourself, go to the OpenAL Soft website, get the latest file (current as of writing is, unzip the archive, rename the file bin\Wind32\soft_oal.dll to OpenAL32.dll, then copy the .dll to your FS2 folder (and wxLauncher\bin\ folder if you use wxL)

EDIT: Forgot to attach the patch.

EDIT 2: I used trunk revision 11162.

EDIT 3: Updated title to indicate work has been merged.


A revised version of this work was merged into master on June 1, 2015 as of commit d7f54dd. I've updated the wiki with a description, including instructions on how modders can take advantage of enhanced sound.

Enhanced sound is enabled by default if you are using OpenAL Soft. The wiki article describes how to get OpenAL Soft for anyone interested.

I am still working on OpenAL Soft support for OS X.

EDIT: Fixed title.

Awesome news  :yes:


Updated OP with link to thread with OpenAL Soft test builds for OS X.

Does the OpenAL Soft requirement exist solely to ensure that 128 channels are available, or does the enhanced sound code utilize OpenAL Soft features that not even hardware renderers (such as some Sound Blaster cards) can provide?


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