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I added support for using a config file on Windows instead of the registry for storing configuration data for FSO. I also updated wxLauncher to properly support this behavior when an SDL build is selected.

Test builds:

That file contains new FSO and wxLauncher builds. To test this, unpack the FSO executables into the game root folder and the wxlauncher-0.10.1 folder to a directory of your choosing (don't overwrite your old launcher!).
First you should check if the new builds don't break any existing behavior. To do that, launch one of the builds the same way as usual (e.g. by using wxLauncher) and verify that all settings are still using the old values (if it doesn't then you will notice pretty soon because FSO will only run in 1024x768). If everything works you can try the updated wxLauncher builds.
Go to <path>/wxlauncher-0.10.1/bin and execute the wxLauncher executable in that directory. Select the build you just unpacked, change some settings (e.g. resolution) and launch FSO. If the changed settings are used, post here! If they are not used, also post here!

EDIT: Please also check if all your pilots are present. They are now stored in a user specific folder and not with in the FSO folder. The launcher will copy the files if they aren't present in the user directory so no pilot should be missing. A portable mode is planned but not currently implemented.

Do you mean that the SDL build still supports the registry unless some special flag is sent by the launcher telling it that it can read its settings from config files?  So that both the engine and launcher are backwards and forwards compatible?

The SDL builds will use the registry if no config file is present. If one is found then only the config file is used. The launcher only has to write the config file, no additional command line option is required.

So in a launcherless environment, one would have tto manually create the config file first on windows.  Guess that's the best we can hope for for backwards compatibility.

If there is no launcher then the code will try to use the registry values so the config handling is fully backwards compatible.
What isn't backwards compatible is the movement from writing stuff into the FSO directory to writing it to a user specific directory (e.g. on Windows that somewhere under Users\...\AppData\Roaming). That needs a launcher to write data to the right place and copy the pilots files when doing the first launch.
As stated in the first post (after the edit) I want to add a portable mode where all data is written to the FSO directory but that is currently not completed.


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