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Also the data that used to live in the registry on Windows now lives in fs2_open.ini like on the other platforms.

Bryan See:
Thanks for the heads-up, The E and chief1983, but... how does the fs2_open.ini look like in terms of content itself? Much like the mod INI files that reside on mod folders?

EDIT: Wxlauncher crashes upon starting the latest Nightly Build that has the capability to save/load config files.

Wxlauncher will create that file for you, no need to mess with it yourself.

Bryan See:
What happens if I mess it up, then wxLauncher will correct it, otherwise FSOpen will fail to start badly?

Wxlauncher doesn't have ini autocorrect, if you mess it up by hand it will probably just ignore lines or crash altogether.  There is a bug where the launcher may have written arguments in a case that fso won't read correctly though, I mean to file an issue to get that addressed at some point.


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