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So where is the support currently sitting in the engine? I have a Playstation VR headset I intend to use with both Freespace 2 and Vegastrike under Linux. To my understanding it is possible to currently use the PSVR headset as a mouse and in games which support binding the mouse to the camera it already works for head tracking. There is code available here: for controlling/managing Playstation headsets. I'll just add that there's also a very basic C api for managing the headset including polling the X/Y/Z Yaw/Pitch/Roll of the Playstation VR Headset.... It can also switch from Cinema mode to VR mode. (Cinema mode is a flat 2D mode which would be perfect for the 2D menus/UI and the 3D VR Mode for spaceflight).

Bryan See:
Darkmage, I think this may be taken as a possibility.

As for RandomTiger, how things going? He hasn't responded since his last post.

Any update on VR in FSO? Does anyone have this branch downloaded that would be willing to share since the original link has 404'd. All I've wanted since getting my vive is to play Diaspora (and XWA or similar) in VR. It seems like there's a lot of interest to considering the 6k views of this thread. Can I hold out hope?


p.s. sorry for necro

The E:
You can, but the basic factors that are holding us back in this regard haven't changed. There are still technical challenges to overcome before we can pull off a good VR experience.

For those who can't wait, there is quite good workaround that can provide you with Freespace VR experience right now:


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