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Interval-Based Countermeasures

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So retail countermeasure behavior was... counterintuitive, to put it mildly. Missiles would only be able to "ignore" one countermeasure at a time, and if two or more happened to be within their field of view but failed to decoy them, it would cause the missile to oscillate between ignoring each of them in turn, re-rolling the decoy chance each time. This behavior was fixed last November by Niffiwan. The other major oddity is that countermeasures operate on a global frame timer; for two frames after any countermeasure is created (yes, any countermeasure, and only for the following two frames), every countermeasure in the mission becomes active.

This is, to put it mildly, a complete cluster****, and has remained an unsolved issue... until now.


x64 SSE2:
x64 AVX:

By default, countermeasures still operate on the global frame timer (so you shouldn't actually see any different behavior with unedited countermeasures; if there are any performance issues with existing mods/missions, compared to regular nightly builds, that's a regression and I'd appreciate it if you would let me know about it). If you add the new field "+Pulse Interval:" (specified in milliseconds) to a countermeasure, however, it will instead only become active every time its pulse interval has elapsed (note: due to the way timestamps work, setting a very small pulse interval won't allow it to pulse multiple times per frame). "+Pulse Interval:" goes at the end of the "$Countermeasure:" block, after "+Single Missile Kill:" (if defined).

Please report any problems with either old-style or new-style countermeasures when using this build.

General Battuta:

(Now if I only I could actually test it...)

Now, having received a WoD build with this included, I shall conduct tests.


--- Quote from: Spoon on July 18, 2016, 04:03:13 pm ---Now, having received a WoD build with this included, I shall conduct tests.

--- End quote ---
In the future if you ever want a build to combine some feature with the WoD branch, I can oblige without much effort (I was actually confused by your first post about not being able to test it because I forgot WoD was still on its own branch).


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