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Force Feedback spring fix (PR #1420) test

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This is some test builds compiled from PR #1420, an attempt to fix a problem with some force-feedback joysticks where the centering spring effect goes away after the first mission played in a session.


If you experienced that problem, try these out and let us know whether or not it worked for you. If you have a force-feedback joystick and don't experience that problem, you can try these builds out and tell us if they break anything for you.

Thanks!  Unfortunately this did not fix the problem on my Sidewinder FF2.  I have the centering effect on the first mission, but not on the 2nd.  I have the same issue with 3.8(RC3) and the 7/14/17 nightly build, but using 3.4 the force feedback works fine throughout multiple missions.  I'm using Windows 32 bit versions of all builds. 

I forgot how to embed pics and i have to run right now, but here is a link showing the builds I tried:

I can verify that unfortunately this test build didn't fix the problem.  I ran "Massive Battle 2" mission twice in a row and on the second run the auto-center had disappeared.

Other FF effects ran identically regardless of how many times mission was restarted:

- Afterburner FF = worked
- Directional hit FF = worked
- Collision FF = worked
- Primary weapon FF = worked
- Secondary weapon FF = worked
- Nearby capital ship explosion FF = doesn't work

I attached a log file of me playing Massive Battle 2 two times.

PS: Interestingly there were a couple warnings of 3d sound files having more than one channel, which is prohibited. However, these warnings hardly have anything to do with Force Feedback effects.

[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]

I changed the code and now it should resemble the original code more closely. Here are test builds for all platforms:
(This is also the first time the automated test build system has been used).

I'll take a look at the cap ship explosions once the first bug has been fixed.

Also, please add a new log file once you tested the new builds. I added some additional logging that might be interesting.

Yay!  :D The Auto-center / Spring works now after restarting missions!

Thank you m!m very much for your work! FSO is again a much smoother experience :)

I only had time to briefly test a couple of missions and restarts before going to vacation so no log file this time, I'm sorry. I can provide one once I return on monday, if needed.


Regarding the other FF effects, I actually found one additional example of FF dying = Missile hits to player ships. Notice that primary weapon hits still cause FF normally.

So this brings me to my current theory:

As it stands in FSO, Force Feedback for SDL2 joystick input is much stronger (more "violent" reaction on joystick) than Direct Input FF. Additionally there were three levels of FF strength with Direct input (default on "low" I guess?) while SDL2 only has one constant level. I presume that SDL2 FF level is even higher than the "high" setting of direct input.

This whole problem with Capship explosions and missile hits might be related to the fact that these two effects are probably the two strongest FF effects in Freespace 2. This means that while amplified too much by SDL 2 FF levels, the signal to joystick becomes too strong to handle. The joystick then kills the effect, because it cannot take it. It goes beyond the capabilities of my old joystick.

So my proposal is the following:

Add a launch parameter with additional Force Feedback levels. Maybe set the default force with SDL 2 lower than it is now.

Just my two cents  :D


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